Protecting Your Investment; Securing Your Asset

Creekside-HomeMembers care and are personally invested in sustaining all the attributes that make Creekside so unique, maintenance-free manicured ground, clean, safe, friendly, beautiful, place affording a high quality of life for the rest of your life.  At only $125 per month the value that your HOA dues afford you is remarkable:  maintenance free living, asset protection, and liability insurance on your property and even on the exterior or your home and so much more.

The Home Owners Association is a non-profit organization chartered by the Tennessee Secretary of State.  The structure and operation of the Association is provided by the By-Laws, while Restrictive Covenants provide for general standards to maintain the overall esthetic quality of the subdivision.  A Board of Directors, elected by the property owners, and a slate of officers appointed by the Board execute routine operational activities, while overall guidance and direction is provided by an annual meeting of the general membership.  The By-Laws establish annual dues to provide for common expenses, and adequate insurance.


To promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the residents of the Creekside and to own, acquire, build, operate, and maintain the common properties.


To preserve the warmth and hospitality of the subdivision to allow owners to feel pride in residing in Creekside.

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